Finally, and All-In-One Transaction File Management Solution to Upgrade Your Brokerage and Go Paperless!
  • All-In-One
  • Customizable
  • Easy Integration
  • Access Anywhere
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Total Security
The All-In-One Transaction File Management Solution
H2eFile provides an efficient, green, and cost effective solution to traditional hardcopy file systems for small or multi-office real estate brokerages.
Customize H2eFile to Match Your Systems
Fully customizable to match your current processes and systems with seamless integration for agents, teams, brokers, management, and single or multi-branch applications.
Simple Integration with Current Systems
H2eFile is easy to customize to your current systems so transitioning is seamless. Setup broker and agent training are a snap with our support team and on-site tutorial videos.
Access All Your Files, Anywhere, Anytime
This cloud based document file management puts your transactions on any device with an internet connection. Real-time access of all your transactions with checklists, document review, and mobile alerts.
Competitive Advantage for Independent Brokers
One of the most common factors an agent looks for in a brokerage is technology. Attract, recruit, and retain better agents and give them the advantages of the big brokers with H2eFile.
Total Security for All Your Files
Real-time cloud access for an effective control. Set permissions, lock files, activate or deactivate agent access from anywhere. Also, make local backup as desired.


  • IMAGINE…all your agents safely creating the folder for each one of their transactions.
  • IMAGINE…all your agents directly submitting all documents into those folder,
  • IMAGINE…a State-of-the-art tool to control each transaction and document.
  • IMAGINE…your brokerage and agents doing all of that from anywhere at any time.
  • IMAGINE…all your brokerage transaction's files safe and secure.
  • IMAGINE…your Brokerage doesn’t need any physical space to store all its transactions.
  • IMAGINE…all of that for a small fraction of what you expend today.
  • IMAGINE…you can start it now!!