Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum brokerage size needed to use H2eFile?
No, if you are a one person brokerage or a multi-branch brokerage with 100s of agents you can use H2eFile and it will grow with you.
Can I use H2efile in any State?
Yes, H2eFile has been designed to be used for Brokerages in any state, so you may easily customize it to fit your Brokerage and State filing need and requirement.
Can I add users to my subscription?
Yes, you may add users at any time and you are charged only for the prorated amount until the end of your current 30-term. This makes H2eFile subscription very flexible.
What happens if an agent leaves my brokerage?
Easy, you just Inactive that agent and you won’t pay for that user beginning the next 30-day term, but all transactions and documents will remain available for the brokerage.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes you can. Just click on “Cancel subscription”, a local backup with all your transactions and documents will be automatically generated for you to download, and you will not be charged for the next term.
How do I pay for my subscription?
You subscription will be automatically charged using secure PayPal to the credit/debit card you provide, unless you decide to cancel your subscription.
When am I going to be charged?
Your subscription is based on a 30-day term. Thus, your brokerage will be charge once a month, just the first day of your next 30-day term subscription, and only for your active users. Inactive users are free of charge, beginning the next 30-day term.
Am I charged for just adding an Agent or a Staff user?
You may conveniently add all your agents, and continue adding agents as soon as they register with your Brokerage, but you won't be charged until they create their first transaction, which makes them to become automatically active. Staff users become active at the very same moment they are added, so they are charged, because they start immediately to work with the system.
Will I have free access to updates?
Yes, as we update or improve current features, you will get access to them without any additional cost.
Can I customize the software to fit my filing needs?
Yes, almost everything is customizable in H2eFile, making it a truly unique transaction management & filing tool. Easily tailor H2eFile to your most detailed needs: checklists, type of transaction and documents, critical due dates, transaction status, type of users, etc.
Is my data save and secure with H2eFile?
Yes, all your data is encrypted and stored in Microsoft® Cloud, one of the best and safest cloud services worldwide.
Does H2eFile work with the most common Operating Systems and browsers?
Yes, H2eFile works with Mac® / iOs®, Android® and Windows®. It also, works with most common browsers like Internet Explorer®, Microsoft Edge®, Google Chrome® and Safari®. H2eFile works on Pc’s, smart cell phones and tablets.
Will I still have my own backups besides the cloud files?
Yes, you can easily make a local backup of all your data just at the click of a button.
Do I need a lot of training to efficiently use H2eFile?
H2eFile is a highly intuitive software. You will find yourself understanding every action and task. Additionally, you can just click to view many Tutorial Videos, conveniently located on each screen, so you never get lost.
Can I have someone walk me through getting started?
Yes, H2eFile technical support team will be on your side to answer your questions through or 1-888-508-8617.
What happen with my data if I decide not to renew my subscription?
There will be no problem whatsoever with your data, when you decide not to renew, you can easily make a local backup of all your data just with a click of a button
Can I add my own Brokerage forms to my H2eFile checklists?
Yes, you may easily add any of your Brokerage own forms to any checklist by the time you create or when editing them. They may be .pdf fillable forms or not. But you may also add any other document on your checklists’ document names, so your agents have them all by the time they create any type of transaction.

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