H2eFile was exclusively created to fulfill the need of an efficient, online and secure transaction file Management & Filing system , for all the Real Estate brokerages.

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H2eFile was born out of necessity

Large Corporations often have intranet, and digital document management software. Real Estate brokers have been using old hardcopy paper file systems to manage and store transactions for years. H2eFile became the digital file management solution for all Real Estate Brokerages, any size and multi-branch.


H2eFile is a unique cutting edge software, exclusively created for Real Estate Brokerages, to professionally and securely manage transactions and filing.

It has been developed as a customizable filing system that allows any company to easily tailor it to their own needs.

It provides very well designed safety tools that allow realtors to easily create transactions, add the documents as per Brokerage checklist and keep them secured.

Realtors always have access to their transactions, are be able to view, print, download and e-mail documents as desired, without compromising the security and integrity of the files.

It is web-based and cloud stored, so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time using any device (PC, laptop, tablet, intelligent cell phone) with internet connection, regardless its operating system (Windows, IOS, Android).

No realtor will again bring or request hard copies to the Brokerage. File cabinets will be a thing of the past, the office space they occupy today, the storage space rented to keep mandatory filing and, office expenses related to the old hard copy filing will become a saving thanks to H2eFile.

Documents and pictures are saved with digital quality and, may always be retrieved in a matter of seconds using H2efile advanced search tool.

H2eFile is also designed to manage multi-branch brokerage. A very well designed interface allows realtor, supervisor, branch- managers, etc. to follow-up and search transactions amazingly easy, always according to the assigned level of authority and permission granted.

A whole sort of communication tools has been integrated in H2eFile to properly and timely follow-up and supervise transactions and documents.

In summary, H2eFile provides high quality results that instantly improves not only the brokerage but every Realtor’s efficiency.

You may benefit for this state-of-the-art filing system at a price that you won’t believe. It includes Cloud storage space, a feature to make local back-ups, and to increase or decrease the cost of your subscription as needed and when needed.

H2eFile is the only filing system in the market made exclusively for Real Estate Brokerages.