Finally! a true state of the art, user friendly and online tool! We don’t ask you to change your whole company or do something different and complex.
We just offer you to file the same way you were doing it before…but digital & secure. Easy!

  • BEST USER INTERFACE: Tested! Minimum learning curve.
  • QUICK START: pre-loaded settings (checklist, etc.). Just use them, edit them or create your own.
  • USER FRIENDLY: highly intuitive plus Tutorial Videos all over, so you never get lost.
  • FAST: just 1-2-3, Create Transaction – Drag & Drop Documents – Enjoy!
  • NO WORRIES: work anywhere, anytime, any device, and any browser.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: do it really your way! Easy to tailor to your most detailed need.
  • UNIQUE FOLLOW UP: effortless assure no documents are missing or wrong.
  • SAFE & SECURE: it’s time to relax!. Each file & transaction secured as process moves forward.
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE: Make it happen for a price you won’t believe!

Easy to Use, Customizable and Full of Features

Go Paperless

Converting hard copies to digital files is not just a great way to go green, it's also more efficient and cost effective. Hard copies are a thing of the past.

Business is mobile

Cloud-based files and mobile real-time communication give both the broker and agents the flexibility to update files from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Secure and Searchable

Real-time monitoring and complete access control provides more security than office file cabinets. All transactions and documents always available at the tip of the finger.

Upgrade Your Real Estate Brokerage with H2eFile
All-in-One Transaction File Management System Today!

Advantages For the Broker
  •    Setup

    Easy to setup and customize transactions, checklists, agents, and branches

  •    Review

    Streamlined review process with real-time notifications of changes or requirements to any document or transaction.

  •    Lock

    Completed and reviewed documents are locked while still allowing the agents to download, print, and email copies as needed.

  •    Manage Transactions

    Search, review and request changes to any transaction or document from the well designed Broker dashboard as well as adding, removing, or editing agents.

  •    Secure

    Cloud security protects you from physical file damage or loss and local backups allow additional security and portability of data.

Tools For the Agent
  •    Create Transactions

    Easy to use interface makes adding a new transaction effortless.

  •    Upload Documents

    File uploads are simple and fast so all of your documents are accessible by you and your broker in real-time.

  •    Real Time Updates

    Get real-time alerts from your Broker about your files, changes needed, or review status.

  •    Manage Transactions

    Search and update files in a snap and communicate with your Broker with the easy to use agent dashboard.

  •    Mobile

    Access your files and transactions on any device with internet access.


We make switching your transaction file management system easy and cost effective with affordable pricing options for large and small real estate brokerages alike. Now the advantage of technology is no longer just for the big companies.

What Are You Waiting For?

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